About me

Hello! Im Henrik Mkrtchyan,Im nine,I live in Yerevan.My famly is large.I go to school <<Mkhitar Sebastaci>>Im foirt class.I like to go to the zoo,I love monkeys, snakes,crocodiles etc. My favorite cartoon is Maugli,it is about wolf-man.I like to go to the swimming full in Summer.My favorite foods are apple,pear and bananas.I have got many friends Miasnik,Hakob,Daniel etc.My dear friend is Miasnik,he is tall,clever,nice and friendly.My favorite subject is math.I like play computer games.I want to fly in sky.I like rep,rock etc music.I have got a sister her name is Elmira Mkrtchyan,she is seven,she is go to school too,she is cecond class,she has got a many dolls,girlfriends,she is nice,clever etc girl.Her dear girlfriend is Inesa,she is clever,scrubby,friendly and nice.


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