English 06.12.2016

Ex.2,page 35

Is there anyone new in your class?
I don’t want to go anywhere this weekend.
I’m thirsty.I want something to drink.
Can you see my pen anywhere?
Look! There is someone in the bag.It’s empty.
Put this money somewhere safe.Don’t lose it.
The house is empty.There is no one here.
I’m hungry but there isn’t anything to eat.
Ex.3,page 35
A: I don’t like living in the city.It’s so crowded and busy.
B: Oh, I know and there is nowhere to park.
A: I’m thirsty.
B: Would you like something to drink?
A: I want to go somewhere warm for my holidays.
B: Me too!
A: Oh no! We’re lost!
B: Don’t worry.We can ask someone for help.
A: The library is very quiet today.
B: That’s because there is no one else here.
A: I’m so bored. There’s nothing to do.
B: Well,we can go to the cinema.


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